New Project!!

Me and my friend Marc are undertaking the filming of an event, I’ll mostly be in one place though, and I need to learn how to use my camera and how to connect it too my computer to film without the hassle of changing the card every 17 to 30 minutes. So, the first part was a piece of cake since I’ve used this camera for 3 years and will keep using it for a while, the second part is going to be the hard part because this is a “pressure test” for me, I have to decide on one good converter that requires almost no power and has the quality that’s the same as the camera. As if that were not hard enough, my camera has great quality and I’m running only linux on the computer I’ll be using and I might not even be able to find hardware like that for my laptop. Pinnacle makes some and they are the first ones I looked up, I’ll go to best buy and get the full lowdown from someone who is meant to sell them, the consumer reviews seem promising but none of them use linux, that they said, so I’ll be checking it out tomorrow.


The *bleepin* lifebook again

So, My friend has an old fujitsu that is acting… to say it in the nicest way possible: ANNOYING! it’s harddrive is busted, won’t accept drivescrubber, and I replaced the memory and use a flash disk and it works good with external peripherals but as soon as you touch it the memory goes kablooey! does anyone out there have the same problem with a s series lifebook? if you do please tell me how you might fix it.

Today is the start

I’m taking the monitor, later today, to my dads work to try to make some very cool progress by testing the power board. Parts of a board are alot cheaper than an entire board, $0.50 vs. $30.00, and it is a more fun fix than just taking the board out and placing a new one in, I’ll have video later today or tomarrow morning.

I have moved

My family has almost finished moving and I’m getting ready for my first project. I’m going to try to fix not only a monitor but actually fix the power supply board so that I can minimize cost and to do this I’m going to my dad’s work to learn about how to diagnose the problem then try to fix it with some cheap online parts. Tell me what you think in the comments, I’ll have some video soon.

Got first break!

Ok, so, even though I’ve fixed other computers in the past this is the first one I’m documenting completely with pictures and such so here are a couple pictures of the monitor I will be trying to fix… yes, I’m going to actually try fixing the board not just buy a new one.


the inside boardsthe backingall of the other crap that surrounds the boards