Elementary OS Luna Beta 2

Brilliant, amazing, fast, spectacular, and no Bullshit are all things that come to mind when I look at the ridiculously polished interface and very Mac-ish appearance. By Mac-ish appearance I mean that many people actually take me to be a mac user and if they don’t know much about computers they think it is a macbook air but it is my Dell XPS 13 running the polished Luna interface. Luna Beta 2 turns on very fast and I’ll usually turn it off rather than put it to sleep but it wakes instantly (I’m using a SSD your results may be different with an older HDD). The only real problem that I have is that the main browser is Midori, which is very fast but will not support Flash no matter what I do. I would recommend this as an all around great operating system but there are a few words of warning:

  • This OS does not include an office suite so if you plan on going places without wifi be sure to download this before using it.
  • The Music program previously known as “noise” is still fairly slow and has it’s flaws, Be sure to install all the codecs for MP3s if you need them.
  • Firefox is a much better browser and will run flash so it is worth installing.

So even though the interface is flawless the choice in included programs can be questioned but with all of the advantages of theĀ  interface it is still worth getting and trying out. Give it a try by going to Elementaryos.org and download the Image file.

Great programs that just need a bit of work

Great programs that just need a bit of work