I love my kindle fire

I got my kindle fire 1st gen for Christmas last year and love it other than some annoying battery problems it has been great but I cant help but think “what am I missing with the new software?” Well I can tell you that I’m missing an update which I do not appreciate. I mean the look and feel is one reason I bought this but another reason was I thought it would be SUPPORTED. I don’t mind if the new one gets a camera I am not buying a new one every year because it is not economical I already bought two kindles within two years so that I could have a color screen so why don’t they just at least update us to the latest version so that we aren’t living with paperweights in a month because no software is supported anymore. Please amazon, I believe you value your customers so please if your not going to give us the latest version at least give us a trade in program where we can get half price or something just don’t leave us out in the dust please!
Proudly posted from my kindle fire first gen (not so proud to be on 6.3.1 still)