Dealing with Dell

At one point I seriously considered riping my hard drive out myself thinking that Dell would be annoying to call. However, this was not the case and I actually and I was incredibly impressed with how they handled my first and second call. Most calls I have made to computer and technology companies are located in other countries and I cannot understand them through the thick accent but when I called Dell I was greeted by nice people who had an accent but it was not as bad as experiences with Dells Best Buy line (most horrible relationship ever!) where I could barely hear them and the told me they had to replace the entire computer or have it sent to Dell through Best Buy.

During my 30 minute conversation there are some questions that they did not ask such as, “did you try restarting it?” and I was grateful they knew I had a 1st grade education in electronics (though this is the first thing I would ask if someone called with a software problem who did not know about computers). So, my computer does have a hard drive problem and it was confirmed, 3 times including this one with Dell on the line, by the built-in Diagnostic software. They said that someone will be calling in the next 3 days to schedule a time to meet and get this sucker fixed!

In the meanwhile I am using a live USB drive with CrunchBang installed and having a great time with it. I will try to post some screenshots later but for now it’s just running live I’m going to install it onto a flashdrive tonight hopefully and I’ll get back to you on how that goes.

BTW, is anyone else with a Dell XPS 13 having trouble with their hard drive? leave a comment!