Rasberry Pi

I wish that I could say that I had already ordered one but they completely sold out before I even got a look at their selling site. They are “for sale” at Element 14 but the problem is they had so many orders that they ran out of stock!I did however, just today order one that will arrive this summer for a summer of code (I’m a geek, I want to learn coding over the summer) and also in time for some other things like my dads birthday. I might pass it along to him after I get it set up so that he can use it for his radio stuff since he is into ham radio and this is a perfect device since it can run off of AAs if he needed it to. Now, the cool thing about them is that they are small but that is also annoying because if you were to try making a case for it the ports are all over the map! So, why make it so hard to case? Well they made it mostly for cost and size, when you try to make a smaller computer one thing you have to consider is less room for connectors. The first prototype build was much smaller than the current one but it only had a HDMI and a usb port meaning that it was very limited in attachments and many people wouldn’t have much to do with it because without wifi and no ethernet you would have to buy a usb wireless card, which I’m not sure could even be powered by the device. So they changed it to support older tv’s for poorer families by putting an RCA output and added an ethernet port for functionality. This might be a good system in your car for a dash entertainment system or in your house as your child’s computer so that there is almost no way they can break it by loading software onto it and it is a cheap computer, about $44 with shipping, so it is a good computer to practice. If you get model B you get more functionality but some of you might just want a base model A for playing around with. I got the model B because I want to try using it as a desktop for a couple of weeks and that is the ¬†best way to do it but they have updated that both have the same processing power and the main difference are the ports available so that means that if you don’t ever use or intend to use and ethernet port you might be better getting the model A with a USB hub and a USB wifi adaptor.

I hope you found me amusing talking about the Rasberry Pi hopefully they will send it before it said it would ship.


The 4th Arrow, moving forward

Some people might think I’m making a technological reference when I say the fourth arrow and they are correct. The fourth arrow, as I see it, is the up arrow and in most video games that is for moving forward. Since I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life this will probably include a wide variety of videos and random posts. While a lot of them will most likely be related to technology in some way there is much more than that so thank you to anyone who wants to read about this in my new blog.

This Old Truck

A truck that works after 20 years. My computer is 3 years old and falling apart, my kindle fire is barely a month old and the plug is loose because my cats knocked it onto the floor while it was charging so what lasts 20 years?

I really thought that I would already be up to my neck in debt to my parents when I wanted to buy this truck but the only repair I have had on it was a faulty sensor and it barely cost me! My computer has cost me $50 in 3 years with the replacement of a hard drive, this truck so far has cost $2,280 to get taken care of, with the Operating System and the constant problems my laptop has not only cost me over a thousand dollars but also valuable time that I used to repair it and use it! A car starts in a few seconds while a computer takes at least 8 seconds (mine significantly longer) to start then people have to wait for the WIFI to connect and the page to load! I wish that my computer was as simple as my truck to use but to me its a necessity to learn anything I can about my computer to be able to fix it or even just use it for homework.

I have never not known how to use my computer. Since the Graphical User Interface make it so easy to use anything on a modern computer there is almost nothing to learn, just press the on button, but if it breaks it costs an arm and a leg to repair it. Staples said that the hard drive would cost $170 to repair and that did not include changing the data and installing the software I wanted. I ended up paying around $50 on Newegg and switching out the hard drives in a couple of minutes after transferring my data, through a flash drive install of linux, to an external hard drive. The longest part of the process was re-installing Windows. Would I have paid to avoid the headache of installing Windows? NO! That was the easiest part and afterwards I realized that I didn’t want windows anyway and switched to Ubuntu.

My old truck is nothing like a computer, it’s fast, easy to use and find problems and it has windows in it while I try to leave windows off of my computer. I think that the only real problem with this truck is, where do I go next?