This Old Truck

A truck that works after 20 years. My computer is 3 years old and falling apart, my kindle fire is barely a month old and the plug is loose because my cats knocked it onto the floor while it was charging so what lasts 20 years?

I really thought that I would already be up to my neck in debt to my parents when I wanted to buy this truck but the only repair I have had on it was a faulty sensor and it barely cost me! My computer has cost me $50 in 3 years with the replacement of a hard drive, this truck so far has cost $2,280 to get taken care of, with the Operating System and the constant problems my laptop has not only cost me over a thousand dollars but also valuable time that I used to repair it and use it! A car starts in a few seconds while a computer takes at least 8 seconds (mine significantly longer) to start then people have to wait for the WIFI to connect and the page to load! I wish that my computer was as simple as my truck to use but to me its a necessity to learn anything I can about my computer to be able to fix it or even just use it for homework.

I have never not known how to use my computer. Since the Graphical User Interface make it so easy to use anything on a modern computer there is almost nothing to learn, just press the on button, but if it breaks it costs an arm and a leg to repair it. Staples said that the hard drive would cost $170 to repair and that did not include changing the data and installing the software I wanted. I ended up paying around $50 on Newegg and switching out the hard drives in a couple of minutes after transferring my data, through a flash drive install of linux, to an external hard drive. The longest part of the process was re-installing Windows. Would I have paid to avoid the headache of installing Windows? NO! That was the easiest part and afterwards I realized that I didn’t want windows anyway and switched to Ubuntu.

My old truck is nothing like a computer, it’s fast, easy to use and find problems and it has windows in it while I try to leave windows off of my computer. I think that the only real problem with this truck is, where do I go next?


2 thoughts on “This Old Truck

  1. G’Day! Alleriotech,
    Interesting Thoughts, The restoration of your truck may turn out to be a simple affair but it can also become a nightmare. Besides finding the right parts and making sure you have the money and the basic tools necessary to do the restoration you also have to find a person who knows what he(she) is doing.
    I look forward to your next post

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