Ouya’s on its way!

I ordered an Ouya from kickstarter, I guess the real term is backed the Ouya but that doesn’t really matter. This is the most exciting email I’ve received  this week but at the same time I am doing poorly in my Physics class and pretty much am giving up because I can’t learn the entire semester in a week and for 4 or 5 weeks in the begnning of the semester there was no time to study because someone left my week without even a days notice. Also I’ve seen some reviews of this device and they are very disheartening when the Ouya seems like such a cool device.

If anyone is wondering my backer number is 40,006 and I’ve been waiting patiently on the sidelines. When it gets here I will get a few games and maybe do a quick review (coming from a standpoint of a casual gamer instead of the near-professional reviewers). I can’t wait to get it!


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