Tiny Dreams

Last Year my family moved not only across the state but across the country for my dad to accept a job in California, I could have stayed behind in our house that we were about to lose because we could not afford two places to live, but I came to California and I’m living with my parents in an apartment during my first year of college and last year after we moved was my senior year. I recently learned of a teenager who is only 16 and building his own tiny house and I want to do the same thing in my own backyard, but we don’t have a backyard to build it in. As I see this problem I think about how far my family came when we moved we had a 2 BR 2 bath house in a nice neighborhood and on a corner, now we’re renting a condo above garages for almost more than we can afford (that’s California for you) and I have to wonder where do I start in sizing down my life if I wanted to move into a tiny house when I move away, do I start with the books I don’t read, the movies I don’t watch or even the video games that I don’t play without friends? I think that I will start with the most sizable possession which is all my crap stowed in boxes that I still haven’t opened since I think that we’re moving in a year anyway so whats the point?

This is the start, I Am Going To Start sizing down my life soon in order to keep my room clean and fix what damage I’ve done in wanting all these things that I realize now that I really don’t need. I’m making an oath now to start getting rid of some of the things I have only for decoration and start actually using the things I do have more instead of asking for more things I don’t need (though I still want a chromebook because it won’t kill my back taking it to school). Anyone else ready to take the Tiny Dreams challenge?


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