resources, where are they?

I bought “The Tiny House Book” by Jay Shafer but found nothing in it about doing the electric or plumbing in a tiny house (not that I was expecting it to be detailed). I did, however, find the free Popomo plans also missing everything to do with plumbing and electric plans. This missing element is the only thing I was specifically looking for in plans (which is why I will write it out in excruciating detail once I do find out how to do it). I cannot find much online about plumbing and running electric to a tiny house and will be a pain to find in books but most of it should be alot like trailers, motor homes, or regular houses so I will check out some Dummies books and look for specifications online that are for bigger houses and make them try to work. Good luck to others who are looking for the same things, I will be researching and will put another post up later with ideas.


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