why write a letter? (and why handwritten?)

I saw a post on RowdyKittens.com about handwritten letters and I was thinking, why? I was born into a time where handwritten letters became a novelty rather than a common occurrence I got a couple handwritten letters before, they were both from my father while I was at summer camp working. They weren’t much but I still have them somewhere in my room. Rowdy Kittens brought that back to memory and I’m now considering sending a handwritten letter to a college with my check for paying to apply. I believe that colleges would look down upon me if I do that, I have a computer but I would rather spend a week writing the perfect letter for them in pen than typing it with an official letterhead saying Alleriotech or Year of Linux because I want it to be personal rather than professional. I think they probably get hundreds of typed letters a week and might not take a second glance at them but maybe a handwritten letter would show that I care more. A computer is easy, it has spellchecker, a dictionary (which I used to look up the spelling of occurrence), and sometimes templates. I want to stand out and not be one of a hundred letters, I’d rather have the one handwritten letter that gets looked down upon than the hundreds of typed ones that don’t get a second look. What do you think?


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