“I cannot suggest you do that” the cry of Northridge

Today I called the CSUN Admissions office because I was annoyed that since I was in Community college they said I could not transfer until I got 60 credits so I called Northridge to ask them and the, first off, confirmed it then I asked if I could have them just ignore the semester I spent at moorpark and they said “I cannot advise you to do that” I asked them again on this time asked if it were possible, I got the same answer! I asked a third time just because I really needed to know if I could do it, not if I should but just was it possible, and what do you know: she  said the same thing again! I don’t get mad that easily so I said goodbye and hung up the phone. I was just wondering why this happens? When I was in high school everyone said “go to college” and now I’m trying to get into a four year university and they are rejecting me because, rather than taking a year off school because I couldn’t get in, I went to Community college and could only get useless credits because they were full to the brim. I’m willing to let the 2 classes that I took that were transferable go without receiving credit but why can I not transfer? The way that the school is crowded I will be lucky to get my general ed out of the way in 3 years so I just want to get out of there and start working towards a degree instead of taking useless filler classes because I cannot get anything else.


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