Math is Easy

Anyone who is above pre-calculus know that I’m joking by saying that and some people would know if they were in Algebra II as well. I have a couple of problems I’m having trouble with but will ask my teacher tonight about them. Since the beginning of the new year I decided to switch my major to math, am I very good? Somewhat. Do I have fun doing math? YES!

Most people don’t have fun doing math homework and I don’t understand them, if you are doing math homework you are problem solving and preparing for a tax season somewhere in the future. I’m not the best at math but I want to be a math teacher, why? I want to be a math teacher because it’s challenging, you aren’t just naming facts like a zombie or creating useless things that don’t matter much like in art class. Sure, it’s pretty but how many of your childhood drawings do you keep, and now, how much math do you remember from your past years? the amount in the second category should be larger since each year expands on the knowledge from the past year. Why not teach if you like teaching, just teach the kids your subject instead of focusing on the subject focus on something more meaningful like the kids in your class.

Why not teach? Would you ever think of teaching your favorite subject?


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