Portability or Reliability

Many people would say this is no argument and that they have had their laptop for longer than their desktop has lasted and I would say one thing to them “are you sure?” Many people flat out ditch their desktop when they get a look at that shiny new laptop of theirs but really is the desktop still able to function when you pull it back out when your laptop is annoying you with important updates and getting a hard drive or disk drive replaced? As a generation I believe that Generation Y, as my generation is called, throws away technology too quickly for something faster, cooler, cheaper, or smaller. A netbook is only a quarter of the power of a barebones you could get at tigerdirect for the same price though we go for it because it travels more easily and it’s lighter. Tablets are more for reading and light work such as word documents or note taking.

My barebone pc was built at the day when vista 1st came out, in fact, on that day I begged my dad to take me and get a copy for our new machine and he did because he did not already order an OS or get one ready yet. Vista actually runs great on my desktop and doesn’t have too many crash situations playing the sims 3 but that is the only real reason I need it. My laptop is not a powerhouse so I might get a couple hours of good or adequate game play on every 3rd boot up of Windows 7 While Fedora works flawlessly (after you get the drivers in) every time I start it and has a beautiful desktop to compete with Windows in efficiency and Mac in great looks. When I use my laptop with Fedora It feels as if I actually can get something done and am not bogged down as much until I try printing something out from google docs on the school computer and windows there, unsurprisingly, crashes or freezes if I even look at it. Commodore OS and Fedora 15 were really my favorite distributions even though Ubuntu is by far easier to use and I would never recommend Fedora to a beginner.

Do you use Linux? how does it compare to your PC or Mac?


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