Rasberry Pi

I wish that I could say that I had already ordered one but they completely sold out before I even got a look at their selling site. They are “for sale” at Element 14 but the problem is they had so many orders that they ran out of stock!I did however, just today order one that will arrive this summer for a summer of code (I’m a geek, I want to learn coding over the summer) and also in time for some other things like my dads birthday. I might pass it along to him after I get it set up so that he can use it for his radio stuff since he is into ham radio and this is a perfect device since it can run off of AAs if he needed it to. Now, the cool thing about them is that they are small but that is also annoying because if you were to try making a case for it the ports are all over the map! So, why make it so hard to case? Well they made it mostly for cost and size, when you try to make a smaller computer one thing you have to consider is less room for connectors. The first prototype build was much smaller than the current one but it only had a HDMI and a usb port meaning that it was very limited in attachments and many people wouldn’t have much to do with it because without wifi and no ethernet you would have to buy a usb wireless card, which I’m not sure could even be powered by the device. So they changed it to support older tv’s for poorer families by putting an RCA output and added an ethernet port for functionality. This might be a good system in your car for a dash entertainment system or in your house as your child’s computer so that there is almost no way they can break it by loading software onto it and it is a cheap computer, about $44 with shipping, so it is a good computer to practice. If you get model B you get more functionality but some of you might just want a base model A for playing around with. I got the model B because I want to try using it as a desktop for a couple of weeks and that is the  best way to do it but they have updated that both have the same processing power and the main difference are the ports available so that means that if you don’t ever use or intend to use and ethernet port you might be better getting the model A with a USB hub and a USB wifi adaptor.

I hope you found me amusing talking about the Rasberry Pi hopefully they will send it before it said it would ship.


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