OH YEAH! I mean ouya

I decided to preorder an ouya that will be coming in early or late 2013 I think but I think it will be worth the wait because of the design and portability. most people might say right away: “thats not portable!” but if you have a tv at your destination it is much more portable than the 360 or any other system at the moment, the last time I moved my xbox I needed 2 bags one to put the xbox and all the cords and another to put my computer in for looking stuff up. To some people it might  not seem like a hassle to carry it to a friends house for a lan party but when your friend also wants computer help it gets annoying. But enough about the size it also runs the Android operating system and is open for development of the system and games (which would get you banned from xbox live) this will bring alot of cheaters to the table but also make a far reaching community to help with making it better and a hacker community to play with everything that they can. Really what they are doing is bringing open source efficiency to your tv so it is a great Idea!


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