Keep a happy face

My Truck has broke down once again and I looked online for an answer about the problem right after I took it to pepboys and I’m glad I took it in immediately! According to it might be a BIG engine problem that I am especially not geared to deal with and not ready to pay for, meaning this might be the last time I have a big problem with it or still be a nuisance to me for a few more years.

Any time that I have tried to look into a problem I seem to find the most expensive solution online then go in ready for it, this time the oil pressure was down 2 days after getting my oil changed! So it might be an engine problem or they might have put something on loose and it came even more loose after I left and drove it around. Why  do I keep a car that is having problem after problem? Well it might stem from my dads drive it till it dies mentality (which in Michigan meant 10 years at most for general cars) or it might be that I have $500 to fix it but I don’t have
$7000-$10000 to buy a new truck, I’ve seen one with $18,000 listing price and one of the mirrors were broken and he’s constantly working on it! (I know, I am completely overusing exclamation points)  Either way my ’92 Sonoma has over $2000 in labor and parts cost in it and according to bluebook it is worth about $1,800 I really hope that no one crashes into me otherwise I am completely screwed because there is no way I can keep up with the repair bills I’ve been getting and getting a new car because someone totals mine (which happened to my 2002 Ford Escape last year.

I really hope that I will spend less than a newer used car would cost to keep this truck running but I am getting skeptical at this point.


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