Annoyance at its Core

I have been annoyed at things that don’t matter or are very small but something like getting classes in college is not small, it is very big,  it’s like planning for the rest of your life! Why is it that when I’m in real life situations like this that makes me want to write about them though? Annoyance is a great motivator for writing and I always have my computer with me to take advantage of that fact. The fact is that when I am annoyed I want to write about it, my words about it are sparing and fleeting as I type my annoyances out of my system and by the end of it there is none left to yell at the person or organization that is being annoying because at the end it really might  not be their fault at all. Most likely it is getting to the end of the day and people are humans and WILL make mistakes eventually.

Life has many mistakes but at least it helps to work them out, even though I can be waiting 30 minutes to straighten it out I will be pleased with the result unless it messes up my schedule. Anytime I can exchange time for annoyance I will do it, being mad, angry, or having steam coming out of your ears while getting something done is not good, just relax, take your time, and try to be patient.


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