The Tundra, It’s Frozen.

I find that I say silly of unwarranted things when I am tired, the most recent of which was when I walked into my grandmas house saying that  “it’s frozen” after we drove through a blizzard to get there and my mom asked me what is frozen and I state, without pausing for a second, “The Tundra.” She cracked up laughing and I laughed for a minute after I realized I had just said the obvious in an unusual manner. the frozen tundra refers mostly to cold places that are barren and I thought this was appropriate as a joke, how  many people would think it was funny though? I was just stating the obvious the only thing that I did was state it in an odd way. Maybe it’s just me but humor really depends on a number of factors including but not necessarily needing the  following: Alcohol content of viewers blood, history of audience, how tired the audience is, and if you know the person. The last one is really important, if you know a person and they know your dad and you make the same jokes new material, even if you think that it’s new, might have already been taken because you think alike.

The famous (or infamous) “why did the chicken cross the road?” has been used so many times that it no longer seems funny because it has been exhausted and if a stand up comedian told you that joke you would probably throw fruit at him (please don’t comedians are nice people!) but he  has brought up a joke that is know to have been funny at one point and even more your friends jokes might become as boring so it sometimes helps to just try something on the spot, sometimes saying something completely and utterly obvious can be funny.

I’m not a comedian but I think trying something new has worked in other areas, why not here? Have a good New Year!


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