Whats that?

A new author has taken over my blog. He has somehow created an account and has given himself permission to write articles. I just want to inform my readers that if you see posts like “Disposable” or “The Tundre, It’s Frozen” those are not my works but rather the works of someone who calls himself “A Collage Geek.”

One moment readers, it seems I have a phone call from a friend of mine. (To phone) Hello. Yes my name is RJ. Whats that, I don’t own the fourth arrow? Oh, well then.

I have just been informed that the fourth arrow is actually not my blog. In fact, I’ve never owned a blog in my life. But thanks to the consent of this blogs rightful owner, “a collage geek” I would be more than happy to post on his behalf. Therefore bloggies (that’s what you call someone who reads a blog, right?) I brought you the previously, misinformed paragraph accusing the blogs correct owner of hacking. My apologies.



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