Boxes and Moving

One would think that when you move you keep your stuff that you don’t need in boxes but this is not always the case. Things that I don’t even remember having have started taking over my bedroom and have made it nearly impossible to pack. I even found a book that I have been carrying around for 3 years and kept putting off reading (already on page 190 of “the Dilbert Principle” by Scott Adams) and started to read instead of packing.  The only thing that I haven’t really played with as I was packing it up is my desktop and that is because it would be Impossible to do so without setting up the tv and the keyboard and mouse… Of course it still isn’t packed so I might resort to doing that before it is packed.

As I move I keep collecting more stuff and not ridding myself of it, to bring this pile of stuff down to one truckload seems overwhelming because it is hard to get rid of anything. My bed has been on craigslist for a week without an email, the giant metal bookshelf has not one single email either. I am either really bad at posting things on Craigslist or my email is screwed up. Donating is one way to get rid of this stuff. The bookshelf/office file cabinet will be easy since I bought it for $45 at the Habitat For Humanity Restore (had to get that name in here) but the bed is my own creation that cost $180 to make and I’m not really sure i they could sell it or not. One thing I am certainly not worried about is the dresser I have now since my landlord lent it to me for this entire time I’ve lived here (nice lady).

So in conclusion, save your boxes and don’t buy furniture if you think you might have a chance at moving across the country in a year. of course it has been 6 months of use for that bed at least do if you think about it 6 months having a loft bed was worth building it and a year of having a mini fridge and a really cool bookhelf was also well worth $100 for the pair (or 110 since one was $45 and the other $65) so just being ready to part with my good friends that I thought would come with me is a small price to pay for not renting a uhaul to bring my junk back with me. So just treasure your tings while they are here and let them go when you need too. Alleriodrone OUT!


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