Working before work, but not..

I am a firm believer in the phrase “if you’re early you are right on time, if you are right on time you are late” so it might not come as a surprise that I sit at work at least 15 minutes before my shift waiting to start and it may be boring as well. To pass the time I can study or help out (sometimes I’ll do things to help out the people who are working the shift before mine). So, if your employer does not like you signing in early what can you do if another employee sees you and asks you to do something?

Here are some quick options:

  1. Say: “I’m sorry but I’m not on the clock for another five minutes” this will make them understand that you do not want to get in trouble for anything stupid like working before your shift and usually, if you have a full time manager they can ask if you could sign in early or if the manager is not there they will ask again.
  2. If they ask again you can say that you REALLY don’t want to do work before you start getting paid for it and tell them that there is no real way to sign in early without getting in trouble. Here’s where the trouble comes in for people like me who actually like working before their shift, when they ask this question: “then why do you come 30 minutes early every day?”
  3. You can deny this saying that the clock must be wrong or you can give up and help them a few minutes early, by this point 3 minutes should have passed by so donating 2 minutes of your time is not such a big deal since it is not a very large number. of course if you want to stall for 2 more minutes you can agree to do the task then ask them whats been going on thus far in the day and this should bring you to starting just on time for your shift (as long as they are talkative.

So thats my rant for today, please come back for more. Alleriodrone OUT!



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