Black and White Film


I love film, but why is digital better to most people? The answer can be that it’s a cheap hobby in digital form and quite the opposite with film. To get that picture I’ve used 3 rolls of film, almost 100 sheets of paper, this one I just scanned into the computer but it is more fun to use the enlarger.

I also can say that even though the supplies are expensive some of the equippment is cheap such as an SLR camera, I’ve bought 4 and all for under $20 each! It is easier to use and get a fairly good image out of a digital camera but it is so much of a hands off process. With digital you plug it into your computer and have great images to start while with film you have to try again and again until you get a perfect picture print on Rc paper, or you could always scan negatives into your computer in half the time.

Technology makes it easier to do things like photography and video editing but it isn’t always the best way to do it and in the same way even though a tablet is smaller and easier it does not mean that they are better than a laptop for everything, for instance, I use my laptop to edit images still. So think on this, what technologies that were made in our time will be considered out of date but still be used by students to learn how to use the new technology better?


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