About Time

Well, I’m an admin for this blog now, in fact I asked to be an admin for this blog, I might as well write something. After all it is very important to keep my adoring two fans happy (one of witch is Joey). So here it goes… I’m going to write something… It’s going to happen… Don’t worry, it’s coming…

Alright I’ve got nothing. How about instead of writing about something, I write about nothing. Lets see, where to start. Well, nothing is a noun. It’s from old English meaning no thing. It is also an adjective used to describe something of no significance.

Alright, this is going no where. Apparently I suck at talking about nothing. It’s almost I haven’t said anything, at least not anything significant. How about we change the subject.

CRACK KILLS! Sorry, just wanted to get that out there. In case you didn’t already know it’s very important that everyone knows that crack kills.

Next topic, Joey is coming to Michigan. That’s because he is awesome.

Next topic, Jhonen Vasquez likes taquitos. You see, he used that topic once as an introduction to his book. It was almost as bad as this introduction, except that Jhonen eventually brought the introduction on topic and as of so far, I have failed to do so.

If you aren’t familiar with Jhonen Vasquez I am sorry for your loss. Go look him up, now.

Well, that’s it. Great job team. Cave Johnson, we’re done here.

– Crius Nyx


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