Sorry guys

After seeing how horribly neglected this blog has become as it’s writers move onto bigger and mostly better things, I think now is a good time to apologize to anyone who still attempts to follow this blog. In truth, I haven’t heard from Joey myself in some time, though more recently than the rest of the world. I’m not sure if it’s creator still posts here, but for his sake I think it best to assume his life has had an interesting turn recently.

To anyone who might be reading this, we’re sorry.


Elementary OS Luna Beta 2

Brilliant, amazing, fast, spectacular, and no Bullshit are all things that come to mind when I look at the ridiculously polished interface and very Mac-ish appearance. By Mac-ish appearance I mean that many people actually take me to be a mac user and if they don’t know much about computers they think it is a macbook air but it is my Dell XPS 13 running the polished Luna interface. Luna Beta 2 turns on very fast and I’ll usually turn it off rather than put it to sleep but it wakes instantly (I’m using a SSD your results may be different with an older HDD). The only real problem that I have is that the main browser is Midori, which is very fast but will not support Flash no matter what I do. I would recommend this as an all around great operating system but there are a few words of warning:

  • This OS does not include an office suite so if you plan on going places without wifi be sure to download this before using it.
  • The Music program previously known as “noise” is still fairly slow and has it’s flaws, Be sure to install all the codecs for MP3s if you need them.
  • Firefox is a much better browser and will run flash so it is worth installing.

So even though the interface is flawless the choice in included programs can be questioned but with all of the advantages of the  interface it is still worth getting and trying out. Give it a try by going to and download the Image file.

Great programs that just need a bit of work

Great programs that just need a bit of work

43rd post

YEAH! Reached 42 posts, now it might be time to stop. It’s all over, now I need to get some real work done (like baking a pie?). If you don’t know why I am so excited then you have never seen or read “The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy” by Douglas Adams and you should be ashamed! go in a corner and find his book (seriously because his book is hidden in any corner just say the secret word: “Towel”).

Now that was a post about nothing at all and a great book club type of thing. I was thinking about quitting at 42 but since this is my 43rd post I have to continue but most people do a cool post congratulating themselves at 50 or 100 so I will continue and my next post like this will be my 143rd post, YES! I made it, but not done yet, thanks.

This is it, it is all over now

This is it, it is all over now

About air

So, Crius Nyx wrote about nothing, I will write about something. This something is sometimes referred to as nothing but is essential to life. Air is all around us, our devices have air inside of them and it has both oxygen and Carbon Dioxide inside of the air. That’s about all that I have on this subject so I will end this saying that I might be coming to Michigan and I’m not sure when still.

Sorry R.J. I seriously still don’t know when.

-Joe, Alleriodrone

About Time

Well, I’m an admin for this blog now, in fact I asked to be an admin for this blog, I might as well write something. After all it is very important to keep my adoring two fans happy (one of witch is Joey). So here it goes… I’m going to write something… It’s going to happen… Don’t worry, it’s coming…

Alright I’ve got nothing. How about instead of writing about something, I write about nothing. Lets see, where to start. Well, nothing is a noun. It’s from old English meaning no thing. It is also an adjective used to describe something of no significance.

Alright, this is going no where. Apparently I suck at talking about nothing. It’s almost I haven’t said anything, at least not anything significant. How about we change the subject.

CRACK KILLS! Sorry, just wanted to get that out there. In case you didn’t already know it’s very important that everyone knows that crack kills.

Next topic, Joey is coming to Michigan. That’s because he is awesome.

Next topic, Jhonen Vasquez likes taquitos. You see, he used that topic once as an introduction to his book. It was almost as bad as this introduction, except that Jhonen eventually brought the introduction on topic and as of so far, I have failed to do so.

If you aren’t familiar with Jhonen Vasquez I am sorry for your loss. Go look him up, now.

Well, that’s it. Great job team. Cave Johnson, we’re done here.

– Crius Nyx

Working before work, but not..

I am a firm believer in the phrase “if you’re early you are right on time, if you are right on time you are late” so it might not come as a surprise that I sit at work at least 15 minutes before my shift waiting to start and it may be boring as well. To pass the time I can study or help out (sometimes I’ll do things to help out the people who are working the shift before mine). So, if your employer does not like you signing in early what can you do if another employee sees you and asks you to do something?

Here are some quick options:

  1. Say: “I’m sorry but I’m not on the clock for another five minutes” this will make them understand that you do not want to get in trouble for anything stupid like working before your shift and usually, if you have a full time manager they can ask if you could sign in early or if the manager is not there they will ask again.
  2. If they ask again you can say that you REALLY don’t want to do work before you start getting paid for it and tell them that there is no real way to sign in early without getting in trouble. Here’s where the trouble comes in for people like me who actually like working before their shift, when they ask this question: “then why do you come 30 minutes early every day?”
  3. You can deny this saying that the clock must be wrong or you can give up and help them a few minutes early, by this point 3 minutes should have passed by so donating 2 minutes of your time is not such a big deal since it is not a very large number. of course if you want to stall for 2 more minutes you can agree to do the task then ask them whats been going on thus far in the day and this should bring you to starting just on time for your shift (as long as they are talkative.

So thats my rant for today, please come back for more. Alleriodrone OUT!


Boxes and Moving

One would think that when you move you keep your stuff that you don’t need in boxes but this is not always the case. Things that I don’t even remember having have started taking over my bedroom and have made it nearly impossible to pack. I even found a book that I have been carrying around for 3 years and kept putting off reading (already on page 190 of “the Dilbert Principle” by Scott Adams) and started to read instead of packing.  The only thing that I haven’t really played with as I was packing it up is my desktop and that is because it would be Impossible to do so without setting up the tv and the keyboard and mouse… Of course it still isn’t packed so I might resort to doing that before it is packed.

As I move I keep collecting more stuff and not ridding myself of it, to bring this pile of stuff down to one truckload seems overwhelming because it is hard to get rid of anything. My bed has been on craigslist for a week without an email, the giant metal bookshelf has not one single email either. I am either really bad at posting things on Craigslist or my email is screwed up. Donating is one way to get rid of this stuff. The bookshelf/office file cabinet will be easy since I bought it for $45 at the Habitat For Humanity Restore (had to get that name in here) but the bed is my own creation that cost $180 to make and I’m not really sure i they could sell it or not. One thing I am certainly not worried about is the dresser I have now since my landlord lent it to me for this entire time I’ve lived here (nice lady).

So in conclusion, save your boxes and don’t buy furniture if you think you might have a chance at moving across the country in a year. of course it has been 6 months of use for that bed at least do if you think about it 6 months having a loft bed was worth building it and a year of having a mini fridge and a really cool bookhelf was also well worth $100 for the pair (or 110 since one was $45 and the other $65) so just being ready to part with my good friends that I thought would come with me is a small price to pay for not renting a uhaul to bring my junk back with me. So just treasure your tings while they are here and let them go when you need too. Alleriodrone OUT!

Alleriodrone vs. Joe, a Tale of Self-made Nicknames

Many Youtubers have used aliases since the start  of Youtube and have worked to keep their name out of the mix but what does that do? In reality they most likely don’t hide their name from other people so why would anyone hide it for a public service?

In my videos so far I haven’t thought about it much but have gone by Joe much more than Al or Alleriodrone though all 3 lend to the same character in minecraft, of course there are many people named Joe playing Minecrafft while there is only one Alleriodrone playing and my username is in use on Xbox, email, and now the Ouya (if it ever arrives). So I have to ask myself, is a username really an individuals identity or should we still go by the names our parents gave us even in a place where there are thousands of Joe’s and probably a hundred with the surname Abbey. One example of my name being taken is twitter where I thought that there would be no way that @joeabbey would be taken but it was so I went with @yearoflinux then changed to @thefourtharrow and neither really describes me but it describes my blogs and hobbies. (By the way I recently changed my Twitter again, surprisingly @Alleriodrone was not taken)

The only identity a person has is the identity they know themselves by and the identity that they claim to own. A name can be a brand, an attitude, or even something as basic as your favorite food everything one uses to identify oneself is leading to a name but whether it’s your username or your given name it should be your own and it should be your identity and noone elses.

Ouya’s on its way!

I ordered an Ouya from kickstarter, I guess the real term is backed the Ouya but that doesn’t really matter. This is the most exciting email I’ve received  this week but at the same time I am doing poorly in my Physics class and pretty much am giving up because I can’t learn the entire semester in a week and for 4 or 5 weeks in the begnning of the semester there was no time to study because someone left my week without even a days notice. Also I’ve seen some reviews of this device and they are very disheartening when the Ouya seems like such a cool device.

If anyone is wondering my backer number is 40,006 and I’ve been waiting patiently on the sidelines. When it gets here I will get a few games and maybe do a quick review (coming from a standpoint of a casual gamer instead of the near-professional reviewers). I can’t wait to get it!

KDE, how it annoys me

Less battery life, better graphics, beautiful widgets and an annoying sense of betrayal to the Gnome developers. Why a sense of betrayal when I say that I hate it, because it does have some great features!

My favorite kde setup, with Dilbert on the front page!

My favorite kde setup, with Dilbert on the front page!

I have used Gnome or Unity for most of my linux running days and really get how to use them and why they are great graphical interfaces but there was always something missing, something that is well integrated to the KDE plasma desktop: Widgets. These little boxes of quick, useful information make it great to turn on and immediately see what you need (for me it is the latest Dilbert comic and my CPU stats.

The only Desktop that hasn’t got much attention by me has really been kde because of its very windows-like appearance and also because of the system requirements. The GUI is very heavy on resources in comparison to both Gnome and Unity 2D, Unity itself is right on par with kde. Why make a GUI so resource intensive though, is there a reason? Yes, there is a great reason that is very apparent to how polished it looks and how brilliant it acts.

All in all kde does annoy me but it also is a very useful desktop environment once it finally loads up (being used to much faster sign in times with Gnome and Unity). So, even though I do not like some of the features it totes because they slow it down it is much greater than many GUIs though Elementary OS is even better with their polish as they make changes to also better improve the programs which it totes (noise is a great media player interface). I hope that I can learn to like it over the next few weeks and I will post an update after using it as my main GUI for at least a week maybe two.